First technique that I got introduced to was etching.


I learn etching first time when I joined masters program in Printmaking. After Bachelors from Painting department, my first reaction to laborious techniques of print  making was not very happy one. I found it full of constrains like don’t touch the grounded plate while drawing with needle, inking with thumb, wiping inks and cleaning the edge of the plate was most boring work for me.

Slowly I found my niche ; methods and material that was suitable for my temperament and images.


I did many soft ground etching, used crayons for tones instead of aquatint, used vibrating tool for textures etc. I tried viscosity, stencils, a la paupee, multiple plates and many other possibilities to print with colours.

I think the most exciting part in etching is touching the plate while wiping and feeling the colors coming off and the texture emerging….lifting the paper after rolling the press is another magic moment.!!

In this segment, I am showing etching prints done over many years. Contents are different but one can see maturing of techniques.

Mono prints


I started exploring mono print much later after I left college. I was in Bhopal, working in Bharat Bhavan print studio, which was surrounded by many performing artists. Started with series on clown, with few pieces of linoleum and color inks. It was most spontaneous and playful work that I enjoyed most. Created more than 100 prints in one month.

I continued mono print with various matrix like plexi glass, textured papers, wood blocks and other natural objects.



I learned the process of cyanotype in 2011 from visiting artist Kate Copland from USA.  Very quick process, easy to transfer photos, images but limitation of one color, so I took this challenge and explore the medium for few years.


I did series on the game of Chess, titled - The king and I.

As usual there were many thoughts going in my head about the game, moves, undercurrents and other aspects of power play in the game as well as in life.

In the game, one is clear about who  is enemy, how can each character move but in real life …!!! You don’t know who is enemy ,sometimes friend becomes enemy some times very timid person becomes powerful and attach from any direction.


All these thoughts, the characters of game, patterns, photographic images- all together made many interesting compositions which worked visually as well as conceptually.

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