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Art Books

I find book format very interesting.  It adds elements of three dimensions, movement and creates curiosity as we turn pages we have certain anticipation about what will be  on the other side of the page..!!

As creator one can give in to the expectation of viewer and give continuity or give completely opposite  things and give surprise.  Unlike a print on a flat paper, Book format makes one think in many directions.

My first fling with book making was when I participated in MIMB show curated by Prof. Hui-Chu Ying.

Berlin book

Wall has many meanings, it can be for protection or  for blocking. Berlin wall  is  known for dividing city even houses and people.  One side of people were curious to know what is happening on the other side ? There is sense of hope and

expectation that maybe things are better on the other side.

In this book on Berlin I have taken the famous Berlin wall on front side and behind images  (smaller as seen form distance )are what I saw in Berlin. The famous Bauhaus museum, my favorite print maker Kathe Koliwtz and I was shocked to see Chancellor Angela Markel whom I spotted on other side my apartment wall, there was a primary school that she was visiting.

I lived in Berlin for 5 weeks in 2015

Book of Fables

After I did series of print on Ecology, I did this book referring to story book I used to read in childhood.  But there is not text and specific story. However one can take a hint from visuals and imagine what it could be. Each viewer can have his or her story.

Sketchbook 1

This book was created in Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal in 1995.  It was kind of thinking with pen or brush, trying options and adding to ideas from one page to another.

Sketchbook 2

Making a drawing in sketch book with ink and brush  or pen became my regular practice. Playing with a form, developing compositions with line and textures etc and than finally, turning the page to start with a new idea…!!

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