The mind is never empty, but when I paint it is  often from no specific thought.


I paint very instinctively. Often, the first mark on the paper comes unconsciously: a rationale takes over slowly as the work develops. There are debates and arguments in mind about why and why not for each  action, selection/ placement of color /image, space division – each move is a like a move on the chess board. A small change in one area has its repercussions on the entire painting. After many a back-and-forth, action comes at the moment when everything looks right, in the right place. And then, suddenly, it gets connected to the thoughts I had pushed into the background.

It is the visual impact that matters finally.

In the following works, I have used acrylic colors and rice papers on fabriano 220gm. Size : 30x32cm.

This following series of work was done during my one-month residency in the north of Finland in 2007 in a small town called Oulu. Very thinly populated, cold and gray skies, this was a very unusual experience for me.  Works created reflect emptiness and balancing the dull gray landscape with the vibrant colors of India I was missing.

Size : 35x37cm.

Following works here were created in 2001, after my long trip to Paris and New York.  I had seen so many old and contemporary works,  so many images were cluttered in my mind, so I naturally sought clear, simple lines and colors.

Size : 28x25cm.

Being a printmaker, it has always been exciting to explore new surfaces. I used a few small pieces of canvas, woodblocks, and acrylic colors in these works created in 2006.

Size : 33.5x27cm.

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